Operational Efficiency Reviews

It is one thing to have an academic knowledge of management procedures, but there is no substitute for hard experience when it comes to identifying operational inefficiencies

When Contract Dynamics undertakes an Operational Review, the following issues are given high importance and management assistance and training can be provided at the same time:

  • Planning and Programming (analysing complex programs easily)
  • S-Curves (why they are so important)
  • Control of Costs
  • Cash Flow Management and Financial Reporting (“cash flow is everything”)
  • Project Reporting in “real time”
  • “Look-Ahead” Risk Management Processes
  • Key People Suitability and Capability (people management)
  • Resources Status generally – personnel, consultants, plant and equipment
  • Communications Protocols (communicating effectively)
  • Partnering Relations (relationship management)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Issues and Disputes Management – “talk first – write later”
  • Negotiation techniques for settling disputes
  • Corporate Governance
  • Meetings Protocol
  • How to manage multiple projects – how to delegate (seeing the bigger picture)
  • Creating team spirit
  • “First to Know Rule”
  • Crisis management
  • Why design peer review is so valuable
  • Common traps with PPP projects
  • 24 common denominators of failed D&C/Civil projects
  • 30 point check list for recruiting senior managers

Specialisation in a specific area is common practice today and has its benefits for a company, but it also has a downside in that managers may not see the bigger picture and therefore make decisions that may be adverse to the overall objectives of the company. At Contract Dynamics we believe the bigger picture capability is all-important for both companies and capable managers.

The above topics are essential skill requirements for senior managers in the property and construction industry and we can provide management mentoring on them.