Project Risk Management

Our team has extensive international experience on risk management for infrastructure and PPP projects and we offer:

  • Risk management advice and processes, including ‘early warning”
  • Independent project reviews
  • Training workshops, university guest lecturing, conference speaking

With all projects that get into trouble the real causes invariably reflect a failure of the planning, structuring and project management. The risk management systems should have been able to anticipate or expose the problems and rectify or mitigate them to an acceptable extent, but clearly this does not happening effectively.

Common factors with ineffective risk management include:

  • Human behaviour, with people being the problem in many instances, not a lack of effective risk management systems;
  • A breakdown in communications and collaboration between stakeholders.

Risk management covers any potential issue that is likely to jeopardise the project at any stage of its life.

The real value of risk management comes from starting early in the project life with the initial concept and feasibility and identifying and quantifying future potential risks all the way through design, construction and commissioning and into operations.

Construction companies generally say they have these processes in place internally and therefore don’t need external reviews, however many large projects keep getting into trouble.